3 years ago

meeting indonesian women is fun

ahh, if you're foreigner like me, doing a lot of travell bcoz of our job, you'll find andsee a lot interesting people in another country.

searching indonesian

3 years ago

free dating site the best online place to meet new people

when im short of friends in the new city, am always open my laptop go online and search for free dating site

the best of it is they are all single, so it's availabl read more...

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3 years ago

is that you who walked away

never wonder how you got that feeling, here on this street im stuck. dont know what i should do now to get you back

calm wind on this cool day has been with me in the new silence world without you.


3 years ago

find property online in surabaya

when doing travelling whether because it's my office send me to other part of this planet or i'd like to get away for my routine. it's best to know your direction and everything it between.

i'll need everything on my new